When is it? The New England Green River Marathon will take place on Sunday, August 25, 2019. Start time for all runners is 7 a.m.

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Why are you putting on this race?


Registration for the 2019 New England Green River Marathon is coming soon! Be sure to follow our Facebook page for notification.

How do I register?
You can register online through RunReg. See our Registration page for more details.

How much is the race entry fee?
The cost is $100.

Is the race full?
It filled completely last year, so be ready to register when the time comes!

Is there a waiting list?
No, there is no waiting list. We open 450 spaces for registration anticipating a normal attrition rate.

Is there a cap on the number of registrations?
Yes. The limit  is 450.

Why are you capping registration at 450?
In our survey of runners, they said they liked the small, community feeling of the race and want us to keep it that way. We agree! Also, this is a narrow, winding rural course, and we need to keep numbers down for safety reasons.

Can I get a refund if I cannot run?
No refunds are available. You can get race fee insurance when you register (therough RunReg) if you are worried you might not be able to participate. Your  fees will go toward helping protect the Green River through the Connecticut River Conservancy.

Can I defer to next year’s race if I can’t run?
No, there are no deferrals. You can get race fee insurance when you register (therough RunReg) if you are worried you might not be able to participate. Your  fees will go toward helping protect the Green River through the Connecticut River Conservancy.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?
No. Since we mail the bibs and assign them relatively early, this is not something that works for this race.

Is there an age requirement?
You must be at least 16 on race day.

When (and where) do I pick up my bib and runner packet?
Bibs will be mailed out in the weeks before the race. T-shirts will be available in the finish area after the race.

Will there be day-of registration?
No. You must pre-register online.

Do you offer a military discount?
Yes, for active duty and reserve personnel. Contact the race committee for details through the Contact page. Please be prepared to verify your status.

Getting there

How do I get to Greenfield/ Marlboro?

Greenfield Community College, where the race finishes, and where parking is provided, is located near the intersection of Interstate 91 and Route 2. Take exit 26 off I-91 and follow the traffic rotary to Route 2 west. Once on Route 2, take a right at the first traffic light onto Colrain Road. We are located on College Drive, six-tenths of a mile ahead on the left. GPS: One College Drive, Greenfield, Massachusetts, 01301

Marlboro College, where the race will start, has room for drop-offs only. No parking. There will be buses to take runners to the start from Greenfield Community College (see below). To get to Marlboro College, take Exit 2 off Interstate 91 in Brattleboro, Vermont. Turn right onto Route 9 West through West Brattleboro. Continue on Route 9 for approximately 10 miles, past the Marlboro Elementary School on left. Turn left onto South Road for approximately three miles, through the village of Marlboro to the college. GPS (use with caution; may lead you down rural roads!): 2582 South Road, Marlboro, VT 05344

Which airport should I fly into?

Logan International Airport
1 Harborside Avenue
Boston, MA 02128
Logan is a 2-hour drive from Greenfield. This is a large, busy airport and likely has the most direct flights from your location.

Bradley International Airport
Schoephoester Road
Windsor Locks, CT 0609
Bradley is roughly a 75-minute drive from Greenfield. This is a smaller accessible airport with many direct flight options.

How do I get to the start?
The start is at Marlboro College, but the parking is at the finish at Greenfield Community College. We are running a bus service from the parking area to the start. Buses will leave starting at 5 a.m. The last bus will leave at 5:30 a.m. (see Schedule page).

Can I have someone drop me off at the start?
Yes, but there is no parking at Marlboro College.


Where do I park?
There is ample space to park at Greenfield Community College (finish). Runners must take the bus or be dropped off at Marlboro College (start). There is NO parking at the start.

How do I get back to my car at the end?
You can park at Greenfield Community College (finish) and get your car right where the race ends.

The Race

What time does the race start?
The marathon starts at 7 a.m.

Is there an early start option?
No. We are already asking a lot of our volunteers to be out there for so many hours!

Is there a time limit?
Yes, the course will close at 1:30 p.m., six and a half hours after the start.

What’s the course like?
The course follows most of the length of the Green River from Marlboro, VT to Greenfield, MA. We chose this course because of its beautiful, quiet New England scenery- you get to run through a historic covered bridge! See the full course description on the Course page.

What is the net elevation loss?
This is a net downhill (-1,459 feet) marathon (26.2 miles), and as such is a good candidate for a marathon PR and/or a BQ. Keep in mind, however, that this isn’t an easy course; no marathon is, and this one does have a few uphills! But if you train right, it could be a fast one for you. Remember, train for the specific race, so be sure to include hills (both uphill and downhill) and dirt surfaces in your training.

Is the course USATF-certified / a Boston Marathon qualifier?
Yes. The course is certified by USATF (course certification MA18003JK) and as such is a Boston qualifier. Note however that the BAA reserves the right to determine that at any time!

When I ran the course, it came out longer/shorter than 26.2 miles on my GPS. Why is that?
GPS measurement isn’t sufficiently accurate to measure courses. USATF requires on-the-ground, calibrated wheel measurement to meet their stringent standards, and that’s what we did, using a certfied course meaurer. Also, the course is measured by the shortest possible route, and few runners adhere to such a route. See the USATF Position on GPS for more information.

Is there a half-marathon option?
No. Due to logistics this race will be strictly a full, point-to-point 26.2 mile marathon.

How many water stops will there be?
See the course page for details.

Is this race in time to register for the 2019 Boston marathon?
Yes! 2019 New England Green River Marathon BQ gives you the opportunity to register for the 2020 Boston Marathon.

Will the course be closed to traffic?
No – our race is too small and the roads too rural to close them! Signs, traffic cones, and race marshals will help alert traffic, but runners will be expected to watch for vehicles and obey the rules of the road.

What’s the weather usually like there at that time of year?
The weather can be extremely variable. Some years are very hot and humid while some years the morning temperatures might be in the low 40s. A majority of the course is shaded, though less so in the last 5 miles. The river corridor is frequently a few degrees cooler than surrounding areas. The last five miles however, are on pavement and are more exposed to the sun. This is a summer race, so please train in hot weather to be acclimated and prepared!

Can I run with headphones?
Please don’t. Our insurer and club partner, the Roadrunners Club of America, strongly discourages runners from using headphones or earbuds. Why? Because it is the cause of injuries due to reduced awareness of surroundings, including other runners, bicycles, and motor vehicles. Remember, this is an open, rural course with traffic, and you must obey traffic laws, yielding right-of-way when appropriate. Besides, how will you enjoy the sounds of the gurgling Green River, the beautiful birdsong that fills the valley, or the soft sound of rustling leaves if you have earphones on?

Can a friend run along with me? They aren’t registered for the race.
No. We understand the support that people give each other in training, but that can’t be brought to the race. USATF rule 144.3(a) describes being paced by an unregistered runner as receiving “unfair assistance” and may result in disqualification. Besides that, unregistered runners haven’t paid for any of the services they may need, including emergency medical assistance. That’s not fair to those who have paid for registration and the services that come with that. If you want to support your friend who is running, please respect other runners and do so from the sidelines.

Are there showers available after the race?
No, unfortunately not. The nearby Green River Swimming and Recreation Area has showers and a great place to swim in the river.

Do you have a severe weather or cancellation policy?
Yes. Extreme conditions (extreme heat and humidity, high winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms) not only risk the health and safety of our participants, volunteers, spectators and community members, but they also place a burden on the community’s health care system and emergency services. Therefore, extreme conditions may cause delay or cancellation. We will communicate as best we can, through this site, by email, and on our Facebook page. Check frequently in the days and hours leading up to the race, especially if the forecast is for unusually hot, humid, or stormy weather. If the race is canceled due to extreme weather there will be no refunds. Sorry folks – we will still have to pay the bills.

Can I have an early start or late finish? I’m not sure I can do it in 6.5 hours.
No, we can’t allow an early start or late finish. Our volunteer staff are scheduled and resources are put on the course to fit the 6.5 hour time frame.

Is there a medical team on site?
The finish line is staffed by the ConMed Response Team, with qualified medical personnel. There will also be medical personnel staged at mile 16.3. Cell phone reception is non-existent for much of the course and there are long stretches on this course where support will be limited. We will have radio volunteers on the course, but if you don’t feel well, please identify yourself to a volunteer when you can. Help us help you!

Amenities and Awards

What kinds of amenities do you offer on site?
At Marlboro College (start): there will be portapotties, a rain shelter, a bag drop, and race officials to help with any registration questions or other issues.

At Greenfield Community College (finish): parking, porta-potties, rain shelter, refreshments, bag pick-up, and awards!

Will there be a bag drop/pickup?
Yes, bags can be dropped at Marlboro College at the start, and will be delivered to the pickup site at Greenfield Community College

Do you give awards?
This is a fundraiser, so we are not giving cash prizes to top finishers, but there will be trophies for the top male and female finishers and in the following age groups (both male and female)


Will there be finisher’s medals?
Yes. In keeping with the spirit of conserving the watershed, medals will be environmentally friendly.

Are there portable toilets along the course?
Yes, there will be at the start, finish, and approximately every five miles.


Is there food along the way and at the finish?
There will be gels and energy drinks on the course at selected aid stations. We will provide good local food at the finish!

Will there be a pre-race dinner?
No. The Pioneer Valley region does have many excellent dining options – see below!

Where are good places to eat locally?
In Greenfield, we recommend The People’s Pint, Hope and Olive, and Magpie. If you want to put together a picnic for the tent or hotel room, stop in at the Green Fields Cooperative Market or Foster’s Supermarket.
In Brattleboro, we recommend Superfresh Organic Café, Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery, Yala Vermont, and Amy’s Bakery Arts Café. To shop for your own food, try the Brattleboro Food Co-op.

Where to stay

Where can I stay in the area?
Note: this is just a sample (but very varied) selection of the available
accommodation in the area. Some of the places are not just convenient, but also
characterful (historic New England homes and inns). You may also want to check
Airbnb listings.

Guilford, Vermont
Green River Bridge House (right next to the covered bridge!)

Northampton (30 minutes south of Greenfield)
The Hotel Northampton
Quality Inn and Suites

Hadley (35 minutes southeast of Greenfield)
Holiday Inn Express
Comfort Inn

South Deerfield (20 minutes south of Greenfield)
Red Roof Plus

Old Deerfield (15 minutes south of Greenfield)
Deerfield Inn

Greenfield (where the bus to Marlboro leaves and the race finishes)
The Brandt House
Greenfield Lionhouse
Poetry Ridge B&B
Old Tavern Farm (Perfect for spectating near mile 25!)
House on the Hill B&B

Brattleboro (25 minutes north of Greenfield, 20 minutes east of Marlboro)
Latchis Hotel
Econo Lodge
Crosby House Bed and Breakfast
Holiday Inn

Marlboro (where the race starts)
Whetstone Inn
Swanhill B&B
Colonel Williams Inn

Wilmington (25 minutes west of Marlboro)
Vintage Motel
The White House inn

A priority on the environment

We are a “leave no trace” race! With enjoyment of this area comes the responsibility to reduce our impact on both the natural and human environment. We will use compostable water cups and plates for food, clean up all signs and other course marking equipment, and take care not to mar or mark any trees, stones, structures, or other parts of the environment. We will work with area residents, towns, colleges, and visitors to keep them informed of our activities and ensure that our use is neighborly, safe,  and respectful.

Why are you putting on this race?

Well, because we love running and we love the Green River! This is a small, rural, community race and isn’t a big money maker; to us it’s more about getting together to celebrate our love of the outdoors and running. To those two ends, any proceeds go to the Connecticut River Conservancy and the Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club (SMAC).

Since 1952, Connecticut River Conservancy has worked to protect your rivers from source to sea so everyone can enjoy them. Our rivers belong to all of us. CRC is their voice. They find environmental problems and fix them, across all four Connecticut River states. They run community river cleanups. They remove deadbeat dams and plant trees. They protect and restore wildlife. They speak up on behalf of your rivers. To learn more or join the effort, visit www.ctriver.org. Connecticut River Conservancy’s work includes the many tributary rivers and streams that flow into the Connecticut River, including the Green River. The Green River Cleanup is the largest local cleanup group participating in CRC’s nationally recognized 4-state Source to Sea Cleanup event each fall. Hundreds of volunteers get their hands dirty and feet wet keeping the Green River free of trash. To learn more about the Source to Sea Cleanup, visit www.ctriver.org/cleanup.

Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health, fitness, and friendly competition through running in Western Massachusetts. Originally founded as a women’s running club in 1972, it quickly moved to wecome all runners. Today the club has over 350 members and reaches over 2,800 runners each year through its races, track and hill workouts, track meets, and robust youth track program. We are a member club of both USA Track & Field (USATF) and the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). To learn more – and to join, visit us at https://sugarloafmac.org/

the Green River near mile 15 (photo by Jennifer Garrett)
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